I have never been to law school.  Therefore I am not a laywer.  Do I “prentend” to be one?  Well, not exactly.  But allow me to be a “law professor” of a certain kind, at least in this little blog of mine.

The vacancy of Supreme Court justice Stephen Gerald Breyer has inpired me to opine about the American law, and the role of the courts.  So in the month of March I will, if other news events do not preempt it, a little primer on American law.

While I am markedly not a lawer, I was, am in many was still am an “American History Major.”  The month of February is marked as “Black History Month.”  So during the month of March I will profile various African Americans who made a mark in the culture, history of the United States of America such as Sojourner Truth, Thurgood Marshall, and Mohammed Ali.