Once again I find myself considering going back to blogging.  What is a “blog”?  A blog is simply a “web log.”  A “log” on the world-wide “web.”  The “log” not just merely a “ledger” of items that are “logged” into the “book” such as an accounting ledger book.  It is more than a “personal diary” of my daily life, although a this blog does have personal “information” such as thoughts, reflections, and ideas.  I really don’t know how long I will be able to keep this going, possibly on a daily basis, or maybe less frequently.

I have “experimented” with a few ideas for a blog.  In my “longest published blog” I had an idea that I would create a blog post that would increase in length by one word each day.  This daily blog started with just one word, and then increase by one word each day.  You can read this blog, which is still up to get a gist of the content of my blog post. A blog that started with one word on August 18, 2021 came to a halt on February 14, 2022.  My blog was sixty-three days old, and henceforth, my last blog post was sixty-three words long.

This blog had lots of political content, which was liberal in nature, often railing against the madness of the former president Donald Trump, with all his lies, grifts, and danger to democracy.  My content mirrored the political content of MSNBC, or Michael Cohen and the Midas Touch Network.  So my political material was not “original” per se, but I wanted to get the word out of the danger that Trump has posed to this democracy.  I was particularly alarmed and concerned by the storming of the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, where five people died, hundreds of other people were seriously wounded, and law makers from both parties were at serious risk of being hurt by an angry mob who had the idea that they could change the outcome of the election by storming the capitol building and electing Trump who had lost the popular and electoral college a few months earlier in November, 2020.  I continue to believe that this storming of the capitol was a symbol of Trump’s presidency.  Trump did so much more that was dangerous and reckless for our democracy.  I will continue to be watchful and vigilant to insure that democracy is safe and viable for me and generations to come.

This blog is much more than a mere “political blog.” I have many ideas that I will float in this blog to sharpen my writing skills.  Some of the ideas that I have have to further my blog include a “word a day” blog.  I could feature every word from A to Z from Merriam Webster’s International dictionary.  This tomb contains 600,000 entries with 12,000 illustrated entries and 12,000 geographical entries.  I don’t know if I’ll ever get past the letter A if I start the “A to Z approach” to my blog.  I look forward to this approach or other ideas that I have in store as I write my blog, venturing into the “world of writing” once again.