Day two of my “new blog.”  This really is a “log” so to speak. (Or I this case, “so to write.”).  This is like a diary, or a conversation.  I will be having this “running discussion,” commenting abut what I wrote in previous blog posts.  I will be referencing other blog entires that I wrote, and formulating other thoughts, ideas, and theories.

The notion that I will write a “word a day” from the 1950 edition of the Merriam Webster International Dictionary seems ambitious, and laudable.  But, thinking about it, this may not be feasible, or realistic.  There are approximately 600,000 entries in this edition of the Merriam Webster Dictionary.  There are 365 days in a year.  If I posted one word each day in my blog, it would take me 1,650 years to post every word in the dictionary. In a hundred years, the dictionary that I use will be crumbled to dust, and my body would be close to a pile of dust as well.  There twenty-six letters in the English language.  The English language is not evenly divided equally into twenty six groups of words that start with different letters.  For now, let’s assume it is divided evenly into twenty-six groups.  Assuming this, each word in the English language would have 23,000 starting with each word.  If the language has 23,000 words that start with he letter “A”, It would take me approximately 63 years to write a post each day just to get through the “A”s.  So just call this blog “The Book of As”. I don’t think I would live long enough to get through to the word “America.”  Each page of this edition contains approximately one hundred words.  The word “America” is on page eighty-four.  If I featured “a word a day” every day, not skipping any words, or entries, it would take me over 23 years until I got to the word “America.”  There are over one hundred entries that have the “American” as the first word, including “American gromwell,” “American Federation of Labor,” and “American Civil War.”  While I haven’t given up on the idea of posting a word a day, I certainly need to “re-evaluate my idea.  This blog is definitely “a work in progress.”

With that “said”…. (By the way, I will just write “said” instead of written.  After all, the blog I am writing is a “conversation.”  So in the spirit of this  “conversational tone,”  I will hereafter write just like I speak. I am “speaking in my blog.”  Yes, this is a conversation on “paper”… Correction, correction: This is not a “blog on paper.”  This is a “blog on the screen.”  The Twenty-First Century has so much more changes on the horizon.  This is not even a “paper form of publishing.”  This is an “electronic form of publishing.”  Say “bye bye” to reading the blog over your omelet and coffee breakfast.)

Maybe tomorrow I will start with the letter “A.”