Teaching and Counseling

Getting to the heart of the matter:  I have a masters degree in education, and a masters in counseling psychology.    But I am not “using” my degrees.  Is there something wrong with this?  I am delivering food for Grubhub.   And I couldn’t be happier.   (Well, not true.  If I won the Powerball, that would change my life.  And I do have a plan for that, in the unlikely event that winning a jackpot of circa 100 million dollars does happen.  Stay tuned for that post.)

So yes, I could be happier do something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.  And the punch line of this joke is that “I WOULD CHANGE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.”  If I won the Powerball, I would not be delivering food for Grubhub any more.  No, that would not happen.  But I’d still be writing blog posts.  I just wouldn’t need to work for a living, so I would not be paid to blog.  [Who am I kidding. I don’t get paid for blogging right now.  In fact, I am actually paying to blog. So even though I still would be paying to blog, at least I won’t go hungry. ]

So I will continue to come back to the theme of doing something completely different than what I was trained to do, which was teach in a school, or perform counseling.  Yes I have two masters degrees.  And as the old phrase goes “you can’t take these degrees away from me.”  But there’s more to the story than this.  And this is what I want to explore in my blog.  I will tell the story of how and why I wanted to get into the fields of education and psychology in the first place, and what I encountered when I started to teach. And how I changed my mind after staying in the helping professions for some time.

Then I will delve deeper into the meaning, “what I was trained to do.” This is because, I don’t know any amount of training or preparation that could have prepared me to be successful in the field of education. I mean I could have recieved the “proper” education for the field of teaching. But I did not. I will examine what “the proper preparation” entails, and see if I recieved this education.

Did the “system” fail me? Or did I fail to “crack the code” of becoming an adequate teacher or counselor? Was it a “failing of the system” or a “failing of the consumer of the education,” namingly me? This is what I will examine in this blog. I will discuss the goals of education, and the aims of society and the “western civilization.” I will ask how does the study of the classics give someone the preparation for teaching school aged children. Or are we using the wrong assumptions that “a well rounded citizen” can teach large groups of children, or necessarily connect with troubled children and adults.

I realize this is quite a hefty topic for a blog, so I will devide the topics into smaller “sub topics” to delve into more depth, and not try to tackle all topics in just a few blog posts. This is because I want to discuss this in the “larger context,” of my life. I want to ask “how did my life prepare me for the fields of teaching and psychology. Did my life prepare me for these fields, or did my life not give me adequate preparation for these fields?

This is what I am going examine in my blog posts, and I am eagerly anticipating your feedback. I have an interesting story to tell.


Why Do I Blog (Continued)❓

So.what is the main impetus for blogging. Blogs have been around since the 1990s. It sort of appears “old fashioned,” sort of “quaint” to all.of the sudden, “strike up a blog” right now. Today podcasts are “all the rage.” Everyone seems to have a podcast now. And now there are You Tube channels wherd people broadcast or stream all types of material. There are different video platforms, not to mention Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumbler, Krisper, Tinder, Blender, Fender, Tik Tok, Whats App, Instagram, Pinterest, My Space, Your 💲pace, and In Your 😫ace… It is down right impossible to keep up with all the platforms, “chat forms,” and broadcast mediums to choose to stream out a message.

And there are undoubtbly more mediums that I left out, or that are on the way, that I even care to Google. I like WordPress because I can literally write about anything. I mean ANYTHING…Well, pornography and violence, or demeaning or offensive content not with standing. People get sooo offended these days. I will tell you something that will most definitely get me kicked off of WordPress: “I ❤ TRUMP❗” And if that doesn’t get me kicked off of WordPress, I have something to say that will most definitely get me kicked off of WordPress even faster than that: “I HATE TRUMP.”

Folks are so sensitive these days. I could say one thing, and then I could say the exact opposite of what I just asserted, and “whalla ❗” I get the entire crowd pissed-off at me. Everybody hates me, I get kicked off of a bunch of platforms, and then I wind up just “fending for myself.” Which reminds of a certain celebrity with a certain amount of notoriety…

I have sooo much to say, that I forgot why I started this post to begin with. Well, all I have to say is “I’ve always wanted to be a writer.” Now is my chance. So, I’ll just stick with the “old fashioned method” for now… But not too “old fashioned…” That would require putting a pen to paper. I’ll stick to putting a finger on my phone for now….

And if I say one thing or another about a certain living X-president, Ill be sure to “have all my ducks in a row” before I go out and start to criticize him “big league.”